magrela4lifeI'm a 25 brazillian girl that lost over 60lbs but is still trying to reach the ultimate goal: Be fit :) My blog is all about WEIGHT LOSS, BEING ACTIVE, LOVING YOUR OWN BODY and FUN posts about all that! I'm always on a good mood accept for when i'm pissed and I wanna kill everyone :D Hehehehe welcome to my blog! I'm 5'2" .Feel free to ask anything! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: SIL_VENTURINI :D  free counters


5'2' - 1,60m :) MAGRELA is not my name, is just a funny way to call someone skinny in portuguese, since I started to lose weight everyone calls me that :P MAGRELA4LIFE@GMAIL.COM ;)


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  1. running-crossfitting-adventuring said: You’re gorgeous!
  2. mexican-fitblr said: Cuttie pie omg you’re soooo cuteeeee
  3. kungfud said: linda!!!!!
  4. skinnierhealthyme said: you’re so pretty!
  5. magrela4life posted this
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